LITERALLY Driving Me Crazy!

The abuse of the word literally has, figuratively, become out of hand. This blog will highlight the grammatical faux-pas that literally spread around the world every day (via the internet).

“She’s literally stopping traffic! Heidi Klum proves she’s still got it as she shows off her new jewellery collection in New York City”


“Apple literally does rule the world”

“The future is so bright for the Chinese car industry you have to wear shades. Literally.”

“Moving the Green Movement Forward (Literally)”

“Crestwood woman literally has it in her makeup to give back”

“Newt Gingrich played his role in the 2012 race to a fault — literally.”

“Presenting…a truly mobile startup. Literally!”

Words and Phrases that Need Revisiting: #4: literally


I literally get angry when people use this word incorrectly and without purpose. You see? It was obvious I meant literally angry and not metaphorically angry, but happy in reality.

Though, if you subvert this and say something like “I’m literally in a pickle” while being trapped inside a…

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I have just had


the weirdest day ever. So many ups and downs. 

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“Milton Glaser’s Hands Have Literally Never Touched a Keyboard”